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About Thrasher Logo

Eric Swenson and Fausto Vitello started a skateboarding magazine called Thrasher in January 1981, and it has been going strong ever since. You can download Trashar font for free and learn about its logo with this content. The magazine comprises skating and music pieces and images, interviews, and skatepark evaluations. Thrasher is the oldest skateboard magazine in print, with a circulation of roughly 25,000 copies. The magazine also brings back clothes from the past for their annual “Skate Rock” issue. Thrasher’s logo consists of the word THRASHER written in stylized typefaces. An arch frames the terms, and flames rise from the tops of the letters. Each letter has an orange and red outline. The flames’ hues likewise vary from yellow to orange to red. “Magazine” is written in lower capital letters underneath the wordmark.

Thrasher Logo
Thrasher Logo

Which font does Thrasher use in their logo?

Thrasher uses Banco font in their logo (mainly in the word Thrasher). It was designed in 1951 by French graphic designer Roger Excoffon. In reality, during the first several decades of its existence, the type was deemed a little generic and cheap, thus it was mostly utilized in “unfashionable” areas, such as butcher shops or bookshops until Bob Marley utilized it. Free Thrasher font download from here now!

About Banco Font

Thrasher Font View
Thrasher Font View

In 1951, Roger Excoffon designed the Banco font for the Fonderie Olive foundry. It is a decorative typeface and also falls into the Script category. Banco is available with only uppercase and numerals. This amazing font is perfect for title, logo, movie poster, and so many things that need a bold, eye-catchy design. Download Banco Font for free now!

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What Type of Font is Thrasher?

Ans: Banco font used in the logo of Thrasher. It is a mixed display & script style.

Is Thrasher a Free Font?

Ans: Yes, The version we are providing is totally free for personal & commercial use.

Is Thrasher a good font?

Ans: Yes, Thrasher is a good font for display purposes such as wood-type posters or banner

How Do I Download this Font?

Ans: By clicking our download button, you can easily download Thrasher Font.

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