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The Public Type (or PT Fonts) is a collection of free/libre fonts that was released in 2009 and included PT Sans Serif, PT Serif, and PT Mono. ParaType created the fonts, a Russian Ministry of Communications department, in celebration of Peter the Great’s 300th anniversary of his orthography reform.

Alexandra Korolkova designed the family. It includes serif and sans-serif designs. Both have caption styles for small-print text and a monospaced font to be used in programming. These fonts are licensed under the English-language SIL Open Font License. The original font, PT Sans, was released under ParaType’s Free Font License. Regular and bold with italics are free in Google. ParaType also sells additional styles such as extended, condensed, and extra-bold as PT Sans Pro or PT Serif Pro.

Today we will discuss the PT Serif font. PT Serif is a Transitional serif typeface that you can use for free and open-source. It was created by Russian designers Olga Umpeleva, Alexandra Korolkova, and Vladimir Yefimov. ParaType released it in 2010, with funding from the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications. PT Serif can be ordered in bold, bold, and italic styles. PT Serif, the second pan-Cyrillic typeface family, was created for the project “Public Types in the Russian Federation.” PT Sans was the first family released in 2009.

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PT Serif Font
PT Serif Font

It includes Latin and Cyrillic characters and covers nearly all minor languages in the Russian Federation.

PT Serif is the most popular open-source release. It features regular, bold, and bold italic designs. It also includes a caption style: This is a larger version of the typeface with a higher x-height (lower-case letters) and is intended for use on outdoor signs and smaller font sizes.

True italics are also available in PT Serif. The Cyrillic alphabet has more variations between the italic and regular shapes. Another thing that isn’t common in fonts is the different shapes of accents for capital letters and small letters. It allows for tighter line spacing, which is a good reason. Because capital letters are shorter than small letters, there is less chance of collisions with the accents.

Usage Of PT Serif Font

PT Serif is compatible with both screen and printed applications. PT Serif comes in four styles: two captions and two basic styles. Styles It can be used for business documents. Publications in a variety of fields, including advertising Display typography.

PT Serif Caption font is suitable for small sizes. The font has all the usual improvements that make it easier to read at small sizes. However, the designers didn’t stop there. Some details, such as accents and serifs, were also modified. It is easy to overlook the difference at small sizes. However, when used at larger sizes, you will notice the differences and get a font that has its own character.

Similar Fonts To PT Serif

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Font Combination/Pair

PT Serif + Poppins

PT Serif is a serif typeface. It is compatible with Source Sans Pro and PT Sans and Proxima Nova, Montserrat and Alternate Gothic No. 2 D, Poppins and Roboto, Fira Sans. Abril, Times. But we think that Poppins is the perfect pair. You might also like to give 18px a try if you are interested in using PT Serif (For Short Content).

PT Serif Font Download


What type of font is PT Serif?

Ans: PT Serif is a Transitional serif typeface that can be used for free and open-source.

What does PT Serif mean?

Ans: PT Serif  font means Public Type Serif.

Is PT Serif Font Safe To Download And Use On My PC And MAC?

Ans: Yes, The font we are providing is 100% safe to download for both PC and MAC.

Can We Use The PT Serif Font On Online Platforms?

Ans: You can use every font downloaded from our website on the online platform, however, there is a request to read the license of the font before using.

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