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About Aileron Font

Aileron is one of the best fonts that are both minimal and modern. Sora Sagano, a Japanese designer, designed this font. Sagano states that Aileron font follows the forms of Helvetica but is also conceptually similar to Univers. It falls under the category of Neo-grotesque Sans Serif since it is strongly inspired by Helvetica. Let’s talk about some technical details of this font.

The space between the letters of Aileron font has been widened slightly, and the lowercase letter “l” has been curved to help separate it from the uppercase letter “I.” Also, the dots such as “i,” “j,” and periods are circular, and the rounded edges give the design a soft appearance. Due to its design similarities with Helvetica and Univers, Aileron has become a popular free font. A feature of this design is the high tide, which has been crafted with the right width, placement, and modest X-top, creating a serene appearance. It’s quite remarkable.

Aileron’s latest version 0.102 comes with eight weights. As a result, you can now use this font for various purposes. In version 0.102, italics were introduced as a dot colon font for the first time. Dot colon fonts are available for use in websites, printed materials, logotypes, etc. They can be freely altered and modified. The aileron font family is available on free fonts lab. So what’s the hold-up? Check out this cool font now!

Aileron Font View
Aileron Font View

Font Information

Font Name:Aileron.
Style:Neo-grotesque Sans Serif.
Designer & Foundry:Sora Sagano & Dot Colon.
License:Free Font.

Usage Of Aileron Font

This typeface makes for a consistent, clean design when applied in different thicknesses. It is a functional, easy-to-read typeface. Aileron is the only choice for anyone looking for a modern and minimalist design. With this font, your documents, presentations, banners, logos, and more will look great.

Aileron is a typeface that looks great on websites. There are several popular websites that use Aileron as a default typeface. YouTubers also use this font as a watermark in their videos for its minimal feel (especially travel YouTubers). At present, this font is also widely used in printing work such as T-shirt design.

Font License

The Aileron type family is free for commercial use, but donations are welcome. You can download the whole font family by clicking the button below.

Font Family

  • Ultralight.
  • Thin.
  • Light.
  • Regular.
  • Semi Bold.
  • Bold.
  • Heavy.
  • Black.

Fonts Similar To Aileron

As far as I’m concerned, Aileron is a wonderful typeface. But a lot of fonts look similar to it. Below are some examples:

  • Helvetica.
  • Univers.
  • Commissioner.
  • Aktiv Grotesk.
  • Fraunces.
  • Neue Haas Unica.
  • Castoro.
  • Source Sans Pro.

Aileron Font Family Download Free

Font Combination

This typeface has multiple font weights. Try using this font in different styles by itself before considering pairing it with another font. But if you want to use different sans-serif fonts, then try using-

In general, serif and sans-serif fonts complement each other well. So you can pair Aileron with a serif typeface like Source Serif Pro.


Is Aileron free font?

Ans: Yes, it is. You can download Aileron for free from free fonts lab.

What font is similar to Aileron?

Ans: There are so many fonts that look like this, but Helvetica, Univers, and Commissioner are the closest.

Can Aileron be considered a suitable font?

Ans: Yes, it has a minimalist feel to it and is one of the best free fonts on the market.

What type of font is this?

Ans: It is a Neo-grotesque Sans Serif font designed by Sora Sagano & shared by Dot Colon.

Is it compatible with computers and Macs?

Ans: You can download the Aileron typeface from Free Fonts Lab. It works both on Macs and PCs.

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