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Tangerine Retro Font Free Download

About Tangerine – Retro Font

It is difficult to find high-quality, free retro fonts, especially vintage and retro fonts. High quality fonts are available for free, but it takes some time to find them. Presenting Tangerine Retro font by New Tropical Design. Tangerine Retro font is free for personal purposes only. Don’t forget to read the license section before Download Tangerine Retro Font.

Tangerine is a retro font that has a 70’s vibe, but it also features new letters. It has a unique lower- and uppercase font, plus numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters. Tangerine Font is perfect for vintage logos and nostalgic mood boards. Most software can support the regular fonts included in this pack. To fully utilize a large number of standard ligatures (custom-connected letters) in this type of font, you will need software that is capable of reading OpenType fonts.

Tangerine Retro Font View
Tangerine Retro Font View

This font is a mix of vintage serif & sans-serif. The 1970’s are a landmark period in design history, especially when it came to typography. Tangerine has that 70’s good vibes feel. With only style, you can make your design much more attractive and cool.

Opentype Features:

  • Uppercase.
  • Lowercase.
  • Numbers.
  • Punctuation.
  • Accents.
  • Euro Letters.

Usage of Tangerine Retro

In all sorts of visual projects, the warm, joyful colors and playful patterns of the 70s are being used. Tangerine Retro is the same as all fonts in the 70’s. Its sophisticated style makes it ideal for everything, including resumes and business cards as well as website templates and greeting cards. It is also suitable for posters, magazines, fashion design, superior product packaging, and other purposes.

Remember! The free version is usable for personal purposes only. Download the free version of Tangerine Font now.

Fonts Similar To Tangerine

Tangerine Font Combination

Tangerine + Verdana

Tangerine’s retro look makes it perfect for heading. You can use Verdana as a pair of Tangerine font. Verdana is very much legible on screen and perfect for reading; that’s why I have used Verdand as a body text. Verdana font design by Matthew Carter in 1996. It’s a humanist sans-serif typeface that is free for personal use only.

I hope the combination of these two fonts will make your work more charming and eye-catchy.

Tangerine Retro Font Free Download


Is Tangerine Retro A Font Free?

Ans: By clicking our download button, you can easily download Tangerine Retro Font.

What Type Of Font Is Tangerine Retro?

Ans: Tangerine is a retro font that has a 70’s vibe, but it also features new letters.

Can We Use The Tangerine Retro Font On Online Platforms?

Ans: You can use every font downloaded from our website on the online platform, however, there is a request to read the license of the font before using.

How Do I Download Tangerine Retro?

Ans: By clicking our download button, you can easily download Tangerine Retro.

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