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About Century Gothic Font

Century Gothic is a sans-serif typeface with a geometric design that was released through Monotype Imaging in 1991. After it was made accessible to the public It became everyone’s priority and began to be used all over the world. It’s strongly inspired by the font Futura however, it has an increased size x-height. The design is also derived from two other fonts which were developed to be competitive with Futura. Due to its large X-height it delivers the most effective results for modern Digital systems. Century Gothic font is one of the fonts that is widely utilized and is highly recommended for various reasons. You can download the free Century Gothic font right from here.


Like other geometric sans-serifs, Century Gothic’s style has one-story “a” and “g” and the “M” with slanting sides which resembles an upside-down “W”. Century Gothic has a high height x-height (tall lowercase letters). Its roots (see below) originate from a style designed for large-print applications such as signs and headings which is why it features an almost entirely geometric style closely based on the circles and square, but with lesser variation of stroke size than other fonts made for smaller sizes usually display, and a comparatively thin design when it is at it’s default size.

In addition, the design of Century Gothic was inspired by Monotype’s Twentieth Century, which was created by Sol Hess between 1937 and 1947 for the Lanston Monotype Company. Century Gothic font download is totally free. Scroll down a little bit and you will get the download button.

Usage of Century Gothic

It is a well-known font to use in advertisements, especially when headlines or small quantities of text are required. Due to its clean and clear appearance, The Century Gothic design can often be seen in the classroom and in teaching languages.

Century Gothic is often used on film posters. It’s also the principal typeface used in headlines for shows like House as well as The Ellen Degeneres Show. Since the font is high x-height and consistent weight, it’s easy to read on screens. The majority of readers are able to see the font on the screen. However, some people with eyesight problems may have difficulty reading the font. It’s not as heavy as other fonts that are designed for use on screens. Certain print materials for movies and television shows like Glee, make use of the simple style and simplicity of Century Gothic to put the attention on the big and short words. Star Trek: Enterprise also employs this font quite a little. Century Gothic works particularly well for these titles that are short.

Fonts Similar to Century Gothic

Font Combination

Century Gothic + PT Serif

Selecting the best typeface for you can be a challenge and confusing. Selecting the wrong type of font can send an untrue message or feeling and ruin the design. Century Gothic is a sans-serif font. It works well when combined with Le Havre, Glegoo, Proxima Nova, Benton Sans RE, Adobe Caslon, Minion, Siri, Helvetica Neue, Clarendon, and Brandon Grotesque. However, I would suggest utilizing PT Serif as a combination of Century Gothic. A strong serif and sans serif combo These two fonts are classic and are a great match. For big text (heading/sub-heading) use Century Gothic and for small text, PT Serif is the best. PT Serif is an excellent serif typeface that always manages to perform well as paragraph text.

Font License

Century Gothic comes in two variants, i.e, free and paid. To use those who pay for it, you will need an appropriate license across different platforms. Once you’ve obtained the license, you will be able to make use of Gothic font in any print, commercial or digital project. Here you can download the free variant. Click here to download the paid variant.

Century Gothic Font Free Download


Is Century Gothic A Good Font?

Ans: Century Gothic font is one of the fonts that is widely utilized and is highly recommended for various reasons. It is a great font.

Is Century Gothic Font Free ?

Ans: Century Gothic Font is free for personal purposes only. For commercial purposes a license is needed.

How Do I Download Century Gothic?

Ans: By clicking our download button, you can easily download Century Gothic.

Can We Use Century Gothic Font On Online Platforms?

Ans: You can use every font downloaded from our website on the online platform, however, there is a request to read the license of the font before using.

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