The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (also called the “DMCA”) is followed by our website,

Only licensed fonts can be downloaded for free from our site. Most of our free fonts come from our visitors or people who make fonts. Our team does their best to get rid of any fonts with trademarks.

If you find a copyright font that you can download from our site, please let us know right away. As soon as they can, our team will get rid of that font. In fact, we get rid of any content or fonts that aren’t ours within 7 days.

Remember that our policy is to get rid of any fonts or other things that infringe on the copy rights of anyone who tells us about them.

Follow the rules below to let us know about or report any copyrighted part of our website.

  • Go to our contact us page.
  • Contact with me via email or social media.
  • Write “Copyright element or Font Found” in the subject section.
  • In the description section, please include the direct links to the copyright font, the actual name of the font, the name of the person who made it, and the actual source of the font. If there are more than one font, please link to our website and give details about each one.
  • After we check it out, it won’t take us more than 7 days to take it out of our directory and server.

We don’t like making things hard, and you shouldn’t either. Just be nice, and everything will be fine.

Thank You.