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Nike is a font that is both popular and friendly. It is a bold geometric sans-serif font. In this post we will share authentic information about this font and also the Nike logo. But before we get into the Nike font, let’s take a look at the Nike Company and its logo.

Nike Inc. is an American multinational company that is engaged in the design, development, production, and global promotion and sales of apparel, apparel, gear, accessories, and solutions. The business is headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan region. It’s a brand that is well known around the world. Now let’s get into the Nike logo section.

Nike Logo

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The Nike swoosh emblem is among the world’s simplest but best branding visuals. In addition to sports and athletes enthusiasts, millennials like purchasing products bearing the Nike emblem. In reality, 62 percent of the sports shoe market extends to Nike. The swoosh image includes a life of its own as it is already patented and incredibly common.

Nike’s recent logo, the only swoosh, was adopted in 1995. These days, the logo is known to endure athleticism, speed, and quality in clothes design. Often mentioned among the world’s most recognizable logos, the Nike emblem produces a good case for simplicity.

The logo of Nike is merely a sign. However, the motto and the Nike word sometimes seemed over the emblem. Today our main topic is about the font used in the motto and the word Nike, which seemed over the emblem.

Font Used In The Nike’s Logo

Nike Font
Nike Font

Futura Bold Condensed is the font used in Nike’s logo. It is a font that is known as the Nike font.

The Nike title is in bold letters, which draws attention to the brand. The brand name “Nike” was featured alongside the logo at Futura Bold until 1995.

Nike’s name was removed from the logo in 1995. The swoosh has been the sole logo design component left and is the organization’s only identifier now.

Before you download the Nike font, let’s talk about the Nike font (Futura Bold Condensed).

About Futura Extra Bold Condensed

Futura Typeface
Futura Typeface

The Nike font is actually Futura Extra Bold Condensed. It is a font style of Futura Typeface that is designed by Paul Renner. This amazing geometric Sans-serif typeface was published through Bauer Type Foundry in 1927. With a number of 22 styles, Futura typeface is one of the most famous and elegant typefaces in the world. This font is beneficial in most cases because of the powerful access. For its 22 font styles, Futura is a multipurpose typeface. It is perfect for official functions, like files, letterheads, business cards, names, and a lot more. It is going to also play a big part in designing owing to the sharp features and enormous language capability. It is possible to produce banner ads, logos, brochures, writing book covers, posters, and magazines. Futura font (Nike Font) is licensed under freeware font. You can download the free version of this font right from here for your personal use. To download Nike Font, Click the Nike font Download font Button below by Clicking the download font button below.

Font Information


Nike Font

Font Used:

Futura Extra Bold Condensed


Paul Renner





Free for Personal Purposes

Fonts Similar To Nike

  • Didact Gothic.
  • HK Nova.
  • Renner.
  • Neuzeit.
  • League Spartan.
  • Poppins.

Font License

Actually, Futura is a premium font family but we are providing Futura Bold Condensed for free for personal purposes. Click the download font button bellow and enjoy the Nike font in your design.


Our main purpose of this article was to give people an idea about Nike’s logo and the font used in it. Hopefully we’ve tried our best and been able to bring you all the authentic information about Nike fonts. By the way, if you have any information about Nike font, please let us know by using the comment box.


Is This font free?

Ans: You can use the version we provide for personal use for free. You will need to upgrade to the premium version if you want to use it for business purposes.

What fonts look like Nike?

Ans: Many fonts look like Eras, including Didact Gothic, HK Nova, Renner and others.

What is this font used for?

Ans: I love the clean, modern look of this font. It’s a must-have for graphic designers. Fonts like this can be used for a number of things, such as large headlines, book covers, logos, cloth printing, official cards, and precise emblems.

Is this a good font?

Ans: You can use it on the web and in design because it is 100% safe.

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