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Humanist sans-serif fonts are defined by the presence of the hand, an uppercase proportioned similarly to massive Roman capitals, a lowercase shaped similarly to Carolingian script and a more organic structure in general. Presenting Optima, A humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf. When Optima was first introduced, it quickly gained popularity, which led to comparisons with other typefaces such as Garamond and the Centaur Font. This typeface also has similar characteristics to these two fonts. The Optima Font is available for download for personal use only.

The design of Optima is humanist in nature; its capitals are inspired by the ancient Roman monumental capital type, demonstrating love for Roman capitals as a proper shape. Optima is a sample of a modulated-stroke sans-serif, a form of design in which the stroke widths vary. Since the late nineteenth century, the design style has been sporadically popular; It is one of the genre’s most enduring manifestations.

Optima Font
Optima Font

Linotype released an updated version in 2002, named Optima Nova. As with many popular typefaces, copycat designs and re-releases under new names have been issued, some of which were designed by Zapf himself. All of them seem to be copies of the original form, rather than the Optima nova design, which reflects Zapf’s final opinions on the design. With 12 styles, Optima supports up to 81 different languages.

Usage of Optima Font

Optima was used in many Expo 67-related materials, including the Expo’s official logo and several publications. At the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, which is titled “Reflecting Absence,” Optima was selected as the typeface to be used for the names of those who died in the September 11 attacks, which are carved onto bronze parapets. This means that this typeface has been used in a number of significant places. As a result, you may use this typeface for logos, print, product packaging, and many other purposes without fear (remember to read the license section before using it).

Fonts Similar To Optima

  • EF Radiant.
  • URW Imperial.
  • Contax Sans.
  • Optima novaÂ.
  • URW Classico.
  • Zapf Humanist 601.
  • Vanitas.
  • Beausite Slick.

Optima Font Combination

This combo was created for the sake of design. For example, if you wish to use Optima for body text, Heading Pro should be used as the headline font.

If Optima is your titling font and you want a serif text font, Palatino (which was also developed by Herman Zapf) is definitely a decent option for you.

Optima Font Download Free


Is Optima font free?

Ans: Yes, the version we provide is completely free to use for personal purposes. However, if you want to use it for business reasons, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version.

What fonts look like Optima?

Ans: EF Radiant, URW Imperial, URW Classico and many more fonts look like Optima.

What is Optima font used for?

Ans: Optima is an elegant sans-serif font. You can use this font for all kinds of projects. You can use this typeface for logos, print, product packaging, and many other purposes.

Is Optima a good font?

Ans: Yes, Optima is 100% safe and a good font for web and design purposes.

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