Wild Words Roman Font Download




Wild Words Roman Font Download

About Wild Words Font

Wild Words is a mix of display and brush style. The font was designed by Comicraft, a famous company that creates digital lettering fonts. Several foundries published this font, and many designers contributed to its design, including John Roshell, Jeremy Dooley, Gerald Gallo, and Robert Schenk. You can download Wild Words font in TrueType format. It contains lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numeric and punctuation marks. For old-style diacritics and ligatures, there is a stylistic set.

Wild Words font was inspired by stone engraved lettering. Stone engraved lettering is a text style carved into a stone surface. You can find this type of lettering in various places, such as churches and gravestones. Many companies use this font style in millions of comic books and magazines.

Wild Words font comes in one weight and two widths. There are 104 glyphs in each style. It supports various languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, and many more. As a font explicitly created for Jim Lee’s Wildstorm books, Wild Words has become one of our most popular fonts. It has been used on thousands of magazine pages and publications such as TIME magazine and the LEGO catalog.

Wild Words Roman Typeface
Wild Words Roman Typeface

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Wild Words Roman Font




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Font Usage

Wild Words Roman is a typeface famous for its engraved lettering style. Because of its engraved lettering style, this typeface is suitable for attracting an audience. This font is beautiful because of its style. Headings or bold text where attention is the main objective should use this font.

It is highly recommended that you use this font if you are a graphic designer. As a rational suggestion, this font should be used for writing books, creating games, and developing web templates. A further excellent feature of this font is that it can be used privately and commercially.

Fonts Similar To Wild Words

  • Bang-Zoom!
  • Manga Master.
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Font Combination

Font Combinations are important when creating a specific look or feel with a document. The right combination can help set the tone and convey the desired message. While there are no definitive rules, some guidelines can help when picking fonts. If you are working with a document and need a font that is best in the body text segment, then Roboto, Open Sans, and Proxima Nova will be the right choice. But if you are working on a logo design or anything creative, then use Butler, Beatrice Display, and Albertus Nova as a pair of Wild Words.

Font License

Since the author restricts it, you can not use the font for free. To get the font click the button below.

Wild Words Roman Font Download Free


Is Wild Words Roman a modern typeface?

Ans: Yes, This font has a modern feel and available for free download here.

What font is similar to Wild Words?

Ans: Bang-Zoom!, Manga Master and Blambastic are similar to Wild Words.

Is this a good font?

Ans: Yes, This is a good font and was designed by Comicraft.

What Kind Of Font Is This?

Ans: Wild Words is a mix of display and brush style and it was inspired by stone engraved lettering.

Can We Use This Font On Online Platforms?

Ans: You can use the Wild Words font on online platforms. It is completely safe to use Wild Words font online.

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