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About Animal Crossing Font

This post is about the Animal Crossing font. It is a typeface that has been used to design the logo title of a famous game called Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing is one of the most popular social simulation video game series, especially for kids. Nintendo developed and published the game. The title of this game has a unique lettering style, and the font used in the Animal Crossing logo title is “Fink Heavy.”

Design And Characteristics

Fink Heavy is a display fun font. It is one of the most used display fun fonts on the market right now. People are drawn to this typeface because it is called the Animal Crossing font. Fink heavy font has only one style, which includes capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
It has a fun style, and all of the characters were made to give your designs a comic feel.

So, If you’re looking for an animation typeface that will add a bit of fun and excitement to your design work, Animal Crossing Typeface is definitely worth considering.

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Animal Crossing Font Character Map
Animal Crossing Font Character Map

Font Information

Font Name:Animal Crossing.
Designer:Not Found.
License:Free Font.

Font Usage

It is very hard to figure out where you can use a display fun font. But Free Fonts Lab can help with this. You can use a display typeface like Animal Crossing in the following places: 

Website: Animal Crossing is a great way to add a little humor to your website or blog. It can help to brighten up the page and make it more enjoyable to read. However, using Animal Crossing in the right place is important. For example, if you’re creating a website that sells products related to children, using this font makes your website appropriate for children.

Design: You can use this font to create humorous and interesting designs. When used properly, it can add a touch of humor to your design. You can design a logo, book cover, banner, and so many others with this.

Font License

Animal Crossing is free for personal use only. You can download this font by clicking the button below.

Typefaces Similar To Animal Crossing

The font in Animal Crossing is similar to the following:

  • Hurry Up Font.
  • Senang Banyol Font.
  • Gorditas font.
  • Chocolate-Factory font.
  • Enriqueta-Bold font.

Download Animal Crossing Font From Here

Font Combination

Display fonts like Animal Crossing can really make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your design, and if you want to make your design more playful, use the fonts below with this:

  • Gadies Font.
  • Dosis.
  • Zelda Font.
  • Fromage Font.


Is Animal Crossing a good typeface?

Ans: Yes, Animal Crossing is a good typeface, and you can use it wherever you want.

What font is Animal Crossing?

Ans: The game’s title features a distinctive font style and the font that is used in the Animal Crossing logo title is “Fink Heavy.”

What typeface goes with Animal Crossing?

Ans: Gadies, Dosis, and Zelda goes well with Animal Crossing. You can use it to make a design that is more interesting.

Does this font work on the web?

Ans: It does work well on the Web, yes. Animal Crossing is used as the default typeface on so many popular websites.

Are computers and Macs compatible with Animal Crossing?

Ans: All PCs, Macs, Linux, iOS, and Android devices are compatible with this font.

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