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About Apex Legends Font

The Apex Legends game is the reason why this font is so popular. It’s a shooting game made by EA that has high-definition graphics and is good for battle royale survival. Since the game became so popular, people began thinking about the font used for its title. Unfortunately, this logo was custom-made, which means that the letters in it were also custom-made. But in the year 2020, Felix’s Foundry released a variable font based on the original lettering of the Apex Legends logo title.

Apex Legends is a bold display font. It is a typeface that is used to make text stand out and be noticed. You can find both uppercase & lowercase letters, but the lowercase is slightly different from the uppercase. You can see the visual in the image below. Also, there are numbers, punctuations, and so many other characters available in this font. These all are available in a single style.

Lastly, this font is great for making your text stand out and is a great way to increase reader engagement. So if you want your text to be noticed, use a bold font!

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Apex Legends Font Character Map
Apex Legends Font Character Map

Font Information

Font Name:Apex Legends.
Designer:Felix’s Foundry.
License:Free Font.

Font Usage

You can use Apex Legends for titles, headings, and other elements in a document or on a website. It is good for making text stand out from the rest of the content. Some people prefer this font for their overall appearance because they feel that this font makes the document look more professional.

This font might be the right choice for making a logo. You can also use it for branding and printing purposes.

Font License

It is free font for personal use only. You can contact the designer for commercial license. Click the button below to contact the designer.

Typefaces Similar To Apex Legends

Apex Legends has similar characteristics to the following fonts:

  • Teko.
  • Spaceport 2006.
  • Apex Mk2 Font.
  • Trapper Sharp.
  • Iceland.
  • Debugger.

Apex Legends Download Free

Font Combination

The following fonts goes well with Apex Legends: You can use Apex Legends only for title and heading purposes.

  • Besley Font.
  • Pangea.
  • Space Grotesk.
  • Jost.


Is Apex Legends free for commercial use?

Ans: According to the designer, there is no commercial version available but you can get a commercial license from the designer.

What is the Apex Legends font?

Ans: Apex is a variable bold display font designed and shared by Felix’s Foundry.

What typeface is most similar to Apex Legends?

Ans: Teko, Spaceport 2006, Apex Mk2 Font are some fonts that are very similar to this.

What font is the apex logo?

Ans: Unfortunately, this logo was custom-made, which means that the letters in it were also custom-made.

Are computers and Macs compatible with Apex Legends?

Ans: The font is compatible with PCs, Macs, Linux, iOS devices, and Android devices.

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