Bronkoh Font Download Free

Bronkoh font Download

About Bronkoh Font In today’s world, there is a growing trend towards softer versions. With that in mind, Andy Lethbridge designed the Bronkoh font. Bronkoh is a subtly softened sans-serif font that gives a friendly face to type both on screen and in print. It was published by Hand Foundry. Design & Features: Bronkoh’s humanist shapes … Read more

Nirmala Font Download Free

Nirmala Font Download

About Nirmala UI Nirmala is a modern indic sans-serif font that displays clearly on the screen. Nirmala was designed by Tiro Typeworks and commissioned by Microsoft. Tiro Typeworks is a foundry that makes fonts for multilingual computing and publishing. John Hudson and Ross Mills are the two founders of this foundry. Nirmala was first used … Read more

Satoshi Font Download Free

Satoshi Font Download

About Satoshi Font Satoshi is a sans serif font designed by Deni Anggara featuring typical grotesk-style letterforms. Indian Type Foundry published this font on March 12, 2021. This type of grotesk-style letterform has been used for a lot of different reasons over time. In most places, you can find big, bold letters in the grotesk … Read more

Orator Font Download Free

Orator Font Download

About Orator Font Orator is a monospaced font designed by John Scheppler. It was the first time published on Adobe Originals in 2012. The name “Orator” comes from the idea that capitals and small capitals are easier to read than upper and lowercase letters. This makes it good for taking notes for a speech because … Read more