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Cera Pro Font Download Free

About Cera Pro Font

Cera Pro is a new font intended for print and on-screen use that offers a modern, distinctive and stylish design. It was designed by Jakob Runge and published by TypeMates. Cera Pro font is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. The typeface is characterized by simple forms and conveys simplicity, elegance, and a modern appearance. The six weights of this pan-European Cera Pro typeface, ranging from thin to black, provide a wide variety of expression for interfaces and corporate design in print, on-screen, and multiple languages. Here you can download the demo version of the Cera Pro Font. Download Cera Pro Font by clicking the download button below.

Cera Pro Font View
Cera Pro Font View

Cera Pro Sans-Serif font supports approximately 150 Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages, and Designer Jakob Runge created its non-Latin components in collaboration with local consultants. Cera is concerned with regional letterforms and has the OpenType capabilities to match, with over 980 glyphs per style. Cera Pro features large x-height and compact caps. TrueType documents for web and desktop fonts now include a guide for better on-screen performance. It also includes all of the necessary dingbats and arrows.

All OpenType Features included: Access All Alternates, Case Sensitive, Contextual Alternates, Capital Spacing, Denominator, Fractions, Kerning, Ligatures, Lining Figures, Localized Forms, Numerators, Ordinals, Oldstyle Figures, Proportional Figures, Stylistic Alternates, Scientific Inferiors, Stylistic Sets 1–3, Subscript, Superscript, Tabular Figures, Slashed Zero.

Usage of Cera Pro Font

It’s designed for legibility and readability, with smooth curves and open letterforms that are legal for web pages and easy on the eyes. Cera Pro font should be on your list of favorites if you are a graphic designer. You may design logos, banners, brochures, posters, presentations, book covers, and business cards, among other things. So if you want to add high-quality typography to your project, then Cera Pro is the best tool for you to work with.

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Cera Pro Font Combination

The typography industry is booming with new ideas and advancements, but there are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to font combinations. Look, Cera Pro is perfect for both headings and small text because of its six weights. You guys can use Cera Pro Bold/Black for titles, and the regular one is for small text. But if you want to give your design a vintage as well as a polite look, you can use the Beachfly by Type factory font in the title.

Font License

This is the demo version of the Cera Pro font. Free Download Cera Pro font is available for personal purposes only. For Commercial purposes click the link below⇓

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Cera Pro Download Free


Is Cera pro a free font?

Ans: Yes, The version we are providing is totally free for personal use. But for commercial purposes you need to buy the premium version.

Is Cera Pro A Good Font?

Ans: Yes, Cera Pro is good for print and on-screen use that offers a modern, distinctive and stylish design.

What Type Of Font Is Cera Pro?

Ans: Cera Pro is a Sans-Serif font designed by Jakob Runge and published by TypeMates.

Is Cera Pro A Safe Font?

Ans: Yes, The font we are providing is 100% safe to download for both PC and MAC.

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