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About Encanto Font

Encanto is a decorative font. In this post, you will know details about the font used in the Encanto title. Encanto is a movie made by Disney animation studios in the United States. Movie: This is about a female character called Mirabel. The font used in the Encanto’s title is very much similar to Madrigal. NubeFonts designed this inspired by Encanto’s lettering style.

This is how the font came to be: It was made from the alphabet that was on the ETSY site.

In addition to numbers and punctuation marks, it has only all-caps. It also supports so many international languages. This typeface can make your design much more attractive with its curved edges and thin lines.

Encanto font Character Map
Encanto font Character Map

Font Information

Font Name:Encanto.
License:Free Font.

Font Usage

Encanto font is designed for headings and titles. The main benefit of using this font is that it can add an element of flair and uniqueness to your text.

Its usage can be extremely effective in designing a cohesive and appealing web page.

Font License

You can use this Encanto inspired typeface for free. It is available for both personal and commercial purposes.

Typefaces Similar To Encanto

The following fonts are similar to this one:

  • Madilet Demo.
  • Brave Font.
  • Bleddug Font.
  • Agreloy Font.
  • Bahamas Font.

Encanto Font Download Free

Font Combination

Encanto is a well-known typeface that you can use to make beautiful typography. As a result, any elegant sans-serif font works well with it, but the combination of these fonts looks more visually appealing than others that combine well.  


Is Encanto font free for commercial use?

Ans: You’re right, that’s true. You can use this version for your personal and business needs.

What type of font is this?

Ans: Encanto is a decorative lettering style. Madrigal typeface is much similar to this.

What typeface is closest to Encanto?

Ans: There are a lot of fonts that look like this one. Madilet Demo, Brave Font, and more are some of the fonts.

What font pairs well with it?

Ans: Caviar Dreams, Lato and many more elegant sans-serif typeface pairs well with it.

Are computers and Macs compatible with Encanto?

Ans: Yes, that’s true. You can use Encanto by both Mac and PC users.

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