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About Letterman Font

Letterman is a multi-line serif font with an old-school feel. It was inspired by the old typefaces of the printing industry. The typeface is very much attractive and user-friendly. Letterman Font comes with one style that supports so many languages. It contains 104 glyphs and 4096 units per em.

In terms of style, the Varsity font looks a lot like this. Scroll down to the similar font section to know more about similar fonts. It met the needs of many designers at the time. Here, you can download the free Letterman font. It comes with uppercase and lowercase letters and basic punctuations. The lowercase letters are similar to the uppercase but a little bit small.

Letterman Font Character Map
Letterman Font Character Map

Font Information

Font Name:Letterman.
Style:Serif Font.
License:Free Font.

Font Usage

Letterman is not meant to be used for text. Instead, you can use it for headlines, logos, branding, and other things. It is perfect for creating vintage-inspired designs or text blocks that look great in any project. This font looks like it was made in the 60s and 70s, but with a modern twist. It is also useful for:

  • Cover Page: Varsity is a good font for cover pages and title pages.
  • Banner: Banners and leaflets with a great presentation can use the great serif font.
  • Design: When it comes to design, this fancy and old-fashioned font gives off a cool vibe.

Font License

It is a free font. You can use this font both for personal and commercial purposes.

Typefaces Similar To Letterman

  These fonts are similar to this display serif:  

  • Varsity Font.
  • Allstar Font.
  • Joe College Letter Sweater NF
  • DIN Rundschrift Mittel Kontur font.
  • Typo College Outline Demo font.
  • College Dropout Sophomore font.

Letterman Font Download Free

Font Combination

To make a Letterman look its best, it has to have the right fonts mixed with each other. With so many different fonts on the market, it can be hard to find the right one. However, we’re here to help. A few of the most popular Letterman font pairings are:

  • Archivo Narrow.
  • Archer.
  • Quarto.
  • Vitesse.


Is Letterman font free for commercial use?

Ans: Yes, It is a free font. This font is free for commercial use.

What type of font is this?

Ans: Letterman is a multi-line serif typeface with an old-school feel.

What typeface is closest to Letterman?

Ans: Allstar and Joe College Letter Sweater NF are one of the most closest to Letterman.

What font pairs well with it?

Ans: Archivo Narrow, Archer, Quarto, and a lot of other fonts work well with it.

Are computers and Macs compatible with Letterman?

Ans: Yes, Both computers and Macs are compatible with Letterman.

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