The Importance of Typography in Branding

A strong font style and headline can make an impact on the way your brand is perceived. It can make you stand out from the crowd, and it can also help to represent your brand values.

In marketing literature, typography is often mentioned as one of the most important components of branding. Typography refers to the arrangement of characters on a page in a particular way. Together, the fonts, style, color, and the content all make up typography. All these components of typography each play a big part in making the typography readable, stimulating, and thought-provoking that shows the importance of typography in everyday life and design.

First, let’s talk about Typography….

What Is A Typography?

Typography Importance Of Typography In Branding
Typography Importance Of Typography In Branding

Typography is the art and science of designing and arranging text to create readable, legible and appealing written form. The art of typography dates back to the ancient days of Greek and Roman civilization, where it was used for different official business documents. In recent years, typography has undergone several transformations to accommodate technological changes. Modern Typography has taken full advantage of the advances in communication technology such as the Internet and computer systems.

Creating A Logo

Creat Logo Importance Of Typography In Branding
Creat Logo Importance Of Typography In Branding

When it comes to creating a logo, the main reason why many companies choose to create a logo is so that they can use it on their products and packages. In this way the company’s logo becomes synonymous with the product or service that it is associated with. This is one of the best ways to market your product or service because once people have seen your logo they will automatically know that it belongs to your company. So if you are a brand that has just launched a new product, the best time to have your logo launched is in the very beginning of your launch campaign. The earlier your logo is launched the better, because it will immediately become one of the most prominent advertisements around.

It is also widely believed that without a strong and identifiable logo, your company is not likely to stand out from the rest. However, the reality of the situation is completely different. A brand is a company’s identity, it is not simply a generic label that can be applied to any product or service. The simple fact of the matter is that without a strong and reliable logo, a company’s image and reputation are largely overlooked by potential customers and clients. You may have spent millions of dollars on advertising your brand but without a logo, you are unlikely to achieve the level of success that you were hoping for.

So Choose a Font for your logo and make your brand identity.

Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo

Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo
Choosing The Best Font For Your Logo

The importance of Typography in branding cannot be neglected. But this does not mean that you just throw up any font and call it a brand. You should try to choose fonts that represent the nature of your business and the kind of products or services you deal in. Also, the nature of your logo should match the nature of your brand. So for example, if you deal in the manufacturing of clothing then you should go for a font that is easy to read and understand. If your brand is about making and distributing clothes then a more formal and elegant type of font would suit your brand better.

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And it is important that the kind of your company logo also matches the nature of your brand. For example, if you deal in the distribution of educational material like books, reports, etc then a playful font will not be a good choice for your brand. A font that is easily readable and understood should be a wise choice for your company. This will help customers in understanding the nature of the brand without going in for technical jargon.

So the importance of Typography in branding is not just in designing the logo but more importantly, it should be matched with the nature of your company. You need to be clear about your business goals. Once you have a clear-cut idea about what you want your logo to say about your business, then you can choose the right fonts that match your brand image. It is important that the font chosen not only looks good on the logo but must also convey the right message to the targeted audience. Fonts are one of the most important factors for creating an effective branding strategy.

Some Other Important Areas:

There are many other things to take into consideration when building a brand identity. One important element is the choice of fonts and the typeface used. This can greatly impact the branding message. Experts recommend that you select your fonts carefully to get a feel for what type of text will be read. For example, Helvetica is suitable for legal documents while Arial is more suited to brochures and advertising collateral.

Typography can also be influenced by other elements in branding. These include visual design, use of graphics, interface layout, and color schemes. The visual design or layout refers to the arrangement of objects in a scene. It can include images, photos, illustrations, words, and so on. Color schemes refer to the use of hues, shades, and tones to enhance the typography and make it easier to identify.

Branding experts suggest that it’s important to keep your typography simple and to choose the fonts carefully. In addition, it’s important to match the fonts to the content of the web design. Experts stress the fact that typography and graphic communication must complement one another and work together in harmony. For instance, green background with white text on a black or red background would be an awful contrast. But if the background and the typography are different colors, then the message would be enhanced.

Another important thing to note when it comes to the importance of typography in branding is the actual text size. It’s common knowledge that web designers need to use large fonts whenever they want to communicate a serious message. However, smaller fonts are often needed for less serious graphical designs. It’s better to use a combination of large and small text sizes in order to convey an optimal graphic design, which is what most businesses need in order to successfully advertise their brands.

One of the best ways to get an insight into the importance of typology in branding is to look at the work of branding experts. Most of these experts will be experts in one or more fields related to brand identity. Hence, by studying their works, you will be able to understand better how brands should be designed and created. Even if you don’t have the time to visit a design school, you can still study the works of these professionals through the help of the Internet. There are many online tutorials that teach you how to create effective brand identities and improve your business.


Typefaces can build or break a brand’s image and message to customers, therefore never underestimate or dismiss the importance of typography in branding. It is an art form that manipulates the relevance of what it is saying. Understanding typography is critical for creating a brand’s identity because of its impact on the context of communication.

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